Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello Summer

When I see these purple coneflowers it reminds me on being on the ground totally engrossed in taking picture of these lovelies and hearing a man’s voice near me yelling “Sooner!”. I whirled around expecting God knows what, certainly not 35 men in spandex and wearing goggles and riding expensive looking bikes. The man was announcing the intersection ahead as Sooner Road. If I hadn’t been so started I would have corrected him, the road was Sunnylane, Sooner Road was another mile east. But no matter.

I created this layout for The Daily Digi August collection. I wanted to do a layout about my summer focus. After all that happened last summer, I wanted fun with the grandkids and enjoy this slower time. The weather has been lovely for Oklahoma, yes it’s hot but we have periods of cool and rain. And on the whole most morning are cool and manageable humidity. I love to open the patio doors and let the cool moist air in while I listen to the birds sing. I will also remember this lovely summer. But I still startle when I see spandex.

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