Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I've been working on my photography skills this year. It's comes in fits and starts but I'm making progress learning all about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO and multiple other necessary things that make a picture its best. While it's all a little complicated the hardest thing for me seems to be stopping the moment to document it. Driving down the road I will see something that catches my eye and think "Wow that would be a cool picture" and then I keep going. What's with that?

Earlier this summer I was driving down a country road, not in a big hurry and I noticed a newly built chicken coop...Never seen this before and the morning sun on the coop and browsing chickens was perfect. I had my camera with me but did I stop, nope. I thought I would have other opportunities to take that picture. Since then the grass as become over grown or the chickens aren't out or the sun isn't great. There are no second opportunities to retake a beautiful shot. Life handed me a present and I kept going. 

So now I'm trying to take my camera with me more, stop more, try more. I want to be fearless with my camera because nothing makes me happier than to get a cool shot.

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