Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Discarded... the prompt today was discarded. Not too awfully hard or difficult but as the day went on I took pictures, thought, wandered around the house, looked along the roadside and never had a picture that I was proud of. 

Some days are like that and part of me wanted to walk away, tell myself I don't have to do this, because it can be a bit frustrating doing a photo everyday on prompt. But I have learned I'm happier when I'm taking pictures. And I can't really put in the words why except to say it stretches me as an artist and the daily problem solving make me happy. So finally I decided to photo this Clementine peel. And when I was done I loved it.

Some of the comments received here this looked like sculpture and modern art. Radonda said "You are talented". Wow, only another artist could know how important a statement like that was. That's what I want, to be talented. That even a discarded orange peel could be beautiful.

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