Thursday, August 28, 2014

Waiting for the Sun

"Hey hon, let's get up before sunrise and drive 30 miles to photography sunflowers at daybreak". What would you say to such an invitation?  Heck no, are you crazy, no way!  But he didn't and sometimes I have to remind myself that he isn't normal, he is above average.

With just a nudge he bounces out a bed a bit too cheerful and is ready to drive me to a field of sunflowers. I'm glad because I'm too big of a chicken to go by myself and I don't know anyone else that has the time or desire to go with me and be my courage. He took his little Canon and got some nice shoots too. 

It was breathtaking to see acres and acres of these wonderful flowers waiting for the sun to come up. Like a puppy without a boy, their heads drooped in disappointment, patiently waiting for the object of their desire, the warmth and light we all need. 

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