Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keep Growing

The other day I grabbed a carrot from the frig for the chicken stir-fry I was making for supper. I’m not wild about raw carrots in a stir-fry because they usually don’t get fully cooked but this concoction needed a bit of color and I thought if I sliced thinly all would be fine. The scrawny carrot I pulled out was not ready to give its life for stir-fry, that wasn’t its goal. Even in the dark and cold refrigerator it wanted to live. When I saw this delicate green leaves I thought of my sweet mother-in-law Allie. On her kitchen window sill would be all sorts of tiny growing things that she gave loving attention. So I salvage the top and placed it in water, a quiet homage to a sweet lady who is still missed and a tiny bit of growing life that makes my heart happy. The stir-fry was yummy by the way.

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