Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Sometimes you need to dream big; buy a dream three sizes too big. With room enough to grow into your dream and make your own, just yours.
I had this idea for a mixed media piece and Sunday evening things came together and I made this. The base is just plain card board and perhaps you can tell by the torn edges. Why waste a pricey canvas? Plus sometimes I think we make art too precious. When I tire of this I will discard it because all the joy will be used up. 
The misted background is tissue paper applied to wet white gesso. Worked well the misted colors didn't fade or run. The butterflies were cut out by my new Cricut Explore and the title is a stencil I made with the Cricut. It's a wonderful machine! Thinking about turning it into a class project, time will tell. It always does. 

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