Friday, August 14, 2015

So what do you do when it's a rainy afternoon and work holds no appeal?  If you are me, you might work in your art journal. I created a watercolor/salt background weeks ago and never finished the page. What can I say, I was uninspired. Then today I created a sweet chevron stencil on an acetate sheet using my Cricut. 
Of course I needed to test my new homemade stencil and I opened to this page. Perfect!  I was so pleased with my new stencil (plus I really didn't want to go back to actual work) that I kept on creating and finished the page. Now I love it. 

I was also moved by the quote. I don't do well with change and this year has brought some big changes. Sad changes to be sure but life goes on and I've tried my best to learn the lessons. We've all been there, right. All in all, a good what to spend a rainy afternoon.

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