Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pushing Myself

As any good artist I try to push myself beyond my comfort zone, sometimes it works, sometimes it does and sometimes it leaves me feeling good about my talent. I gravitate to cool colors so on this page I wanted warm colors to be featured. Things were going pretty good then one wrong step I ruined it. My motto is always when you have gone too far, throw more paint on it.

So I did, I even added some deli paper strips and this and that and all my valiant efforts were laughable. It was late a night, I was tired and knew I should stop. I looked at my unfinished page and thought "This is a hot mess".... Then I grinned because I knew how I would fix it. 

After drying all night I finished this page with hand cut letters, washi tape and yes, more paint!  While this wasn't what I had planned, I like it more. My comfort zone is a wee bit bigger. 

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