Monday, September 1, 2014

Windmills of my Mind

Driving down a country road and I see this windmill and start stammering for Tom to stop the truck. "What?" he said and finally my mouth worked and I say "Windmill, I want to photograph the windmill!". I grab the camera attached to the tripod, tell him it's just a short way and start trekking down the road.
Funny how far it really was but no matter, I want this shot. Soon I hear a truck coming and it's Mr.B driving by with a big grin and a friendly wave. He finds a driveway and pulls in and waits for me. When I catch up I climb in the truckbed, setup the tripod and take pictures. The black angus having their breakfast stop and looking at me and wonder at that strange lady in the back of a truck taking pictures. No matter, no matter at all.

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