Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lucky 21

Twenty one years ago today I wore an ivory dress and uncomfortable shoes and stood patiently while Tom filled out a marriage licence in the Las Vegas registrar’s office. Next we hopped in the limo and arrived at a quaint little chapel to be married. We waited with Millie & Rocky in front of the chapel for Tom’s buddy and his girl to show up so we could start. All of us were humming “Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married”… yes we were dating ourselves but there is nothing wrong with that. Bill and Nancy drove up and Bill stepped out of his car singing “Goin’ to the chapel…” and I knew I liked this guy. The ceremony was lovely and sentimental and we started our life together.

This year has been the most monumental for the both of us, putting our home back together with the remnants of recovered storm debris, selecting new things for the house, making important decisions daily and for me, rebuilding my career when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. It was tough, oh not life and death tough but tough like a big hill to climb and I’m just too tired tough. Sometimes I would go to bed and think “good, another day between us and that awful day”. Many days that was the best I could hope for. But he was always here, always patient, always helpful, and always loved me; just like he promised it the quiet little chapel twenty one years ago today.  Happy Anniversary Mr. B, love you too!

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