Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall is Falling Around Here

Fall is falling around here, we have no big trees but the flowers are getting ready for fall. Preparing to bed down for the winter and they really do deserve it. I look around at all we've done in such a short time. 

The Knock Out roses were wonderful and so much easier to care for than the old varieties. Never did I think I would do roses again.

I'm enjoying the clematis seed heads and I'm surprised I never noticed them before. Having clematis close to the both doors has been a good thing.

I'm fascinated by the pure white hydrangea that fades to a rose, then light green as it dies. Not sure the reason for this change but it's lovely in a tragic sort of way. I will miss my summer friends but I'm not worried because I will see them soon. Besides, they deserve a rest. 

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