Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back to Bird Watching

Back to bird watching. I thought the males had left on their southerly migration as we hadn't seen any in several days. He must have had a secret mission because now he is back on duty sitting in the Redbud tree keep watch for any bird at his feeder. Never mind there is too much for one bird, he is a greedy bird.

It was still early and the sun hadn't reached the Redbud tree, so his red feathers only caught the light when he moved a certain way. He was stretching and I clicked the shutter release just in time to get this brilliant flash of red.

This is a favorite shot of his back, all the irresdecent green feathers overlapping like fish scales. I hope in future season that the birds will be comfortable and let me get closer. Otherwise I will need to purchase a stronger telephoto lens. Either way, the watching is great fun.

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