Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Thoughtful Purchase

Photography has become very important to me in the last couple of years. And shortly before the tornado I purchased my first “real” camera, a Canon Rebel 3T, real camera because it had lots of dials and menus and option I knew nothing about. Then the tornado hit and I couldn’t wrap my brain around taking pictures, not even with my iPhone. But we rebuilt our lives and my thoughts turned back to pictures. It’s taken  a while to learn what all those features can do and I’m still learning and will be for years to come.
I’ve been longing for a macro lens and to be able to get some amazing macro shots. Lens are pricey and purchases must be planned. Speaking of planned purchases every other August I get a new cell phone. And I assumed I would do the same this August. But… my phone was fine, even still looks new. Since the tornado I have taken on a different mindset about possessions. I think about my purchases before hand, do I really need this, how long will I want this, where will it be stored and so on. I don’t want to live with useless items piled up in corners. I want to live unencumbered. So did I really need a new cell phone just because my contract was up?

Not really, this phone was fine. But I did need a macro lens. Oh not need like I need food and water. But for my growth as an artist I very much wanted a macro lens. So I decided to forego the cell phone and buy the macro. I also found a wonderful deal on a used lens with a 30 day warranty. It wasn’t a difficult decision and I’m looking forward to learning more and playing with my new toy.

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