Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Settling In

This picture was from last fall and it's a favorite of mine. We had pretty much settled into the new house and the retaining wall has been rebuilt and new rail fence was up (as you can see in the backgroud). Winter was coming and Tom was warming up with a cup of tea. I baked so much last fall, the nesting urge was strong and I wanted to enjoy my new kitchen. That pumpkin cupcake with caramel frosting was big big hit.

Last but not least I started to pick up my camera and take pictures. This was a big thing, after the tornado I would look at my Canon and think "why would I ever want to take pictures again". Sounds strange  and sad but that was the depth of my grief. I couldn't even wrap my brain around how to take a picture. I wasn't even taking iPhone pictures. Cherry urged me to too but I told her I just couldn't. But in the coolness of the fall I started feeling like my old self. On so many levels I love the shot.

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