Sunday, July 27, 2014

In Search of Sweet Corn

The batch of Webber Falls corn had been consumed and we wanted more. I had hoped Tony still had corn and ww woke up early Saturday morning and headed out to the Norman farmer's market. Sadly Tony's corn was gone but she has some lovely Asian eggplants so I see a stir-fry in my near future. We did find corn and lots of other good stuff.

Including these yummy peaches and I promise there was no squeezing. Fresh peaches are the embodiment of summer, sweet, juicy and the flavor of sunshine. 

This old fella was hard at work briskly getting everything set up. We bought some corn from him but what caught my eye was the amazing cherries below. He had them so nicely displayed and I had to snap a picture. Sometimes I feel a wee bit bad taking pictures and not always buying from a vender. But at this point we had peaches and a gigantic cantaloupe so cherries, as beautiful as they were, are too much. Maybe next time Farmer from Newcastle.

Still.... I rather wish I had bought some.... 

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